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A annulus: the annulus between the tubing and production casing

B annulus: the annulus between the production and surface casing.

C annulus: the annulus between the surface casing and additional casing strings. If additional annuli are present, continue down the alphabet.

LOP: "Lower Operating Pressure" limit. While 0 psi is typically used, consideration should be given to:
  • Possible introduction of air into the annulus, creating possible corrosion and combustion potential,
  • Inability to confirm casing integrity due to no pressure,
  • Potential for annulus pressure buildup. High initial pressure in an annulus can result in pressure exceeding burst/collapse of tubulars when the well heats to operating tenperature
MOP: "Maximum Operating Pressure" limit. This is the pressure that, if exceeded, would initiate a well integrity review. This may not be a calculated value, but an easy to remember number to facilitate use by Operations personnel.

MAP: "Maximum Allowable Pressure" limit. This is normally the pressure some component in the system fails - tubing collapses, casing bursts, casing shoe fails and fluid may be injected into a subsurface formation. API RP90 has examples showing how to calculate this value.

Revised: 14 Feb 2010

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